Our company started up in the 1920s by designing alternating single-stage compressors, that could operate up to 10 bar. Subsequently, new technological advances required ever greater operating pressures and we started to design and manufacture alternating multi-stage compressors. Our air compressors can operate both at medium pressure (from 15 to 80 bar) and at high pressure (from 80 to 220 bar) and are used for the following applications:

  1. starting up diesel engines
  2. testing pneumatic appliances
  3. control and arc quenching of high-voltage circuit breakers
  4. filling air chambers for water-lifting systems
  5. command and control of adjusters of hydraulic turbines
  6. command and control of adjusters of electric ovens
  7. power supplies of auxiliary circuits for trolley buses
  8. systems for blowing PET food packages

Our compressors have the following main features: solely air cooled, easy to maintain thanks to their simple design, minimal vibrations, noise emissions within internationally set standards, direct connection between motor and compressor, splash lubrication. In addition to regular accessories (safety valves for each stage, check valve downstream of last stage, condensate collection barrels, interstage pressure unloading genies, centrifugal unloader for vacuum start-up of machine) our compressors can be equipped with the following devices if requested by the customer:

  1. switch warning that minimum oil level has been reached
  2. microswitches warning of irregular interstage pressure

The capacity levels indicated in the following tables refer to motors running on a three-phase 50 Hz power supply. Different supply frequencies result into different operating speeds and therefore proportional variations in speed, power intake, and output.