Each compressor is normally supplied with a motor directly connected to it on a shared base plate with holes for fixing it to the base. Downstream to the final stage, a check valve is located, with a fitting that connects to the delivery pipe.

Cooling is provided by a powerful bladed flywheel that is appropriately screened in compliance with ENPI standards, and by finned coils with great heat exchange capability at each stage. A condensate collection barrel with drainage tap is fitted for each stage.

All the rotating parts are fitted to ball bearings or rollers. Splash lubrication is used. There is no washer on the heads of the first and second stage because the seal between the individual parts is provided by the surfaces that come into contact with one another.

Top-quality materials are used to manufacture our compressors. The valves and the springs are in special original Swedish steel, the heads are in special sealed cast iron, the cylinders are in pearlitic cast iron, the shaft is in high-quality steel, the rods are in treated spherical cast iron, the first and second-stage pistons are in treated aluminium alloy, the pins are in lapped case-hardened steel.