TS THREE-STAGE AIR COMPRESSORS (for medium and high pressures)

Main Features of TS compressors

The TS AIR COMPRESSORS are three-cylinder three-stage solely air-cooled compressors that are designed to be directly connected by a special elastic friction disc drive to an electric motor or an internal combustion engine


The TS air compressors are strictly for industrial use and can provide cold air that is free of humidity thanks to the powerful cooling to which the air is subjected after each compression phase.


Install the compressor units on premises that are sufficiently aired and ensure that the compressor and motor shafts are coaxial. Use only prescribed lubricants.


The simple design of our compressors means that they are easy to maintain. Follow the instructions set out in the manual.

Spare Parts

Our compressors have a virtually unlimited working life due to the quality of the materials used. Keep a series of spare parts ready at hand to ensure operating efficiency.

Avalaible Accessories

Certain additional devices have been designed that can be added on request to the regular accessories in order to ensure completely automatic operation of the compressors.


TS 14 180 11 160 1500 4 5,5
TS 40 460 27,60 60 1000 6 15
TS 45 500 30 160 1000 6 18,5
TS 50 570 34,20 80 1000 6 18,5
TS 55 645 38,70 35 1000 6 15
TS 100 1100 66 35 1000 6 18,5
TS 14 Compressor
TS 14 Compressor
TS 40 Compressor
TS 40 Compressor