Each compressor is normally supplied directly coupled to a motor on a common foundation plate, with holes for base fixing. Downstream of the last stage, a check valve is fitted complete with a connection for connection to the delivery pipe.

Cooling is guaranteed by a powerful fan steering wheel appropriately protected according to ENPI standards and by coils with strong dispersing power for each stage. On each stage there is a condensate collection barrel with a drain cock.

All rotating parts are mounted on ball or roller bearings. Lubrication is by splash. On the heads of the first and second stages there is no gasket, since the seal between the individual parts is ensured by the rectification of the surfaces in contact.

The materials used in the construction of our compressors are of the highest quality. The valves and springs are in special original Swedish steel, the heads are in special cast iron, the cylinders are in pearlitic cast iron, the shaft is in quality steel, the connecting rods are in treated spheroidal cast iron, the pistons of the first and of the second stage they are in treated aluminum alloy, the pistons of the third and fourth stages are in special cast iron, the pins are in casehardened and lapped steel.

DS Series

Two Stages

TS Series

Three Stages

QS Series

Four Stages

F6FS Compressor

DS3AO Compressor