Air Compressors for Industrial Plants


Ambrosioni Ottavio Srl Industrial Compressors

Our air compressors, suitable for operation in the range of pressures ranging from 15 – 220 bar, are used for the following uses:

  • Starting the Diesel engines
  • Pneumatic equipment tests
  • Arc control and switching off of high voltage circuit breakers
  • Filling of air boxes for water lifting systems
  • Control and control of hydraulic turbine regulators
  • Control and control of electric oven regulators
  • Auxiliary circuit power supplies for trolleybus traction.
  • Plants for blowing PET food packaging

The main features of our compressors are the following: air cooling only, easy maintenance thanks to simple construction, minimal vibrations, noise within the limits of international standards, direct coupling between motor and compressor, splash lubrication. 

In addition to normal accessories (safety valves for each stage, check valve downstream of the last stage, condensate collection kegs, interstage pneumatic unloaders, centrifugal unloader for idling the machine), our compressors can be equipped with the following devices, at the customer’s request:

  • switch for minimum oil level indication
  • microswitches for irregular signaling interstage pressure.

The flow rates shown in the following tables refer to operation with motors powered by a three-phase network with a frequency of 50 Hz. By varying the mains frequency, different operating speeds will be obtained and therefore proportional variations of speed, absorbed power and yield flow.

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